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These are the major concepts of Family Mediation Cheshire


Mediation is actually a voluntary procedure. The people included as well as the Mediator all participate of their personal pleasure and also may reverse coming from the method whenever. This suggests that everybody included can easily feel great that they are actually participating by themselves phrases.


The Mediator is actually completely unbiased and also is actually acting upon part of each party to discover a satisfactory method ahead for everybody associated with the procedure. A completely confidential process.

Choices and decisions remain in the palms of the Individuals



Mediators don’t take sides and done empathise with what’s happened in the past. We don’t judge we sit in the middle to help couples.

Unlike the Court of law Method, all decision and choices remain in the palms of the attendees. Mediators may help with the  info and options couples discuss but certainly not provide advise.

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